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hey tx? have they ever done just a contrasted MRI on your c spine just to see if this problem may actually be stemming right from the very 'base' of operations so to speak? anytime there are problems within the hand/ fingers, that HAS to kind of be 'tracked" all the way back up the arm to the level of spinal nerve base. this just would show whether or not something is affecting the nerve or nerves up there or along the way if checked with the EMG/NCV too. believe me, you can actually have a perfectly normal EMG study done all the way up to the c spine and still have some level of real problems up in that c spine. i had some intermittant type of the basic radiculopathic types of symptoms with some very severe pain going on in my fingers and in my neck/shoulder area. when certain types of real spinal issues are present but not symptomatic at the time of the test,(the tech told me this before my EMG was done) you can end up with a completely normal test result. that test will ONLY show very real impairment of nerve flow or a compression that impairs nerve flow and not much else. thats really about all that particular test is really good for,checking for nerve flow velocity/flow to an area.

so just obtaining a good contrasted type of MRI of where the nerves actually start really may show a much bigger issue. it just needs to be thoroughly checked out at this point when just considering all of your current symptoms.

now jamie? the sensory nerve that innervates that pinkie and the outter side of that finger as was already stated above IS that ulnar nerve up from the c 8 nerve level in your c spine on down to that finger. but the side of that ring finger, just the side closest to that pinkie only is also included as innervation from that ulnar too. are you feeling ANY sensory issue within that finger at all anywhere on that one side only? a nerve can become entrapped at certain places along the path it travels from that c 8 on down too. one common area is at that crease at the back of the elbow? or even within that shoulder area since it also passes thru there too. but as i mentioned above, it can also be impacted way up in that spinal level too by many different possibilitys that can just be going on in any spinal area. things like larger bulges of discs, stenosis or boney overgrowths like bone spurs(osteophytes) are just some of the possibles.

as already mentioned by the above poster, just obtaining that EMG from that hand/finger level all the way up to that c spine level would actually show just where the possible impacted area is located. if this is a constant thing that is always there, it WOULD show an abnormal EMG exactly where it is, but only if that area is being impacted at the time of the test. its just how it works. but it wouldn't hurt to also obtain a contrasted MRI too just to see if there is any real involvement up in that c spine level too. it really IS just a matter of trying to track that impaired area to the area of impact. just so you know,while we DO definitely have an actual c 8/ulnar nerve up there, its the only nerve that does NOT have its own vertebrae. its just kind of hangin out there between the c 7 and T 1 nerves/vertebraes. but it still manages to become pretty easily impacted for some reason. i also have damage to my c 8 too.

but DO see your doc soon so you can be referred for that EMG and the MRI just to see whats affecting what and where. do you feel ANY strange sensory or muscle issues on the inner side of your forearm at all or anywhere up that arm? i hope this is not a major type issue here for you, but DO see your doc to get the ball rolling towards a real Dxc of whats being impacted and where. good luck to the both of you with your nerve problems. please keep me posted on anything you find out. marcia

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