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[QUOTE=Aussie100;4096401]Hi Nancy, whilst a skin punch biopsy is very good at diagnosing small fibre damage did that neuro do a EMG to test your larger nerves and a nerve conduction test to see if there was any axon/myelin sheath damage ?
if not he has not even started to do his job properly.

Sorry I can't offer any PN specialist as I live in Australia, however I do know some American PN people that talk about the " John Hopkins hospital " and " Mayo Clinic " as having PN specialist working at these places, perhaps if you phone them they may be able to tell you were the closest PN specialist are to your area.

Your GP can order the basic tests for neuropathy, like insulin levels to see if your prediabetic/diabetic or a 2- 5 hour glucose tolerance test, [not an overnight fasting glucose test as it is useless indicator most of the time], B12 levels, gluten sensitivity, toxins, hypothyroidism,etc, if these tests are negative then you do need a PN specialist to do the rest of the testing.

best of luck to you
Aussie :)[/QUOTE]

Hi Aussie,

Thanks for your very detailed and knowledgeable post. Prior to the skin bioplsy my neurologist did to the EMG/NCT as well as a full blood work up and the results were negative. So it seems I have idiopathic SFN. I am taking neurotin with little relief except for sluggishness and fogginess, and metathanyx -- a vitamin B supplement.

While my symptoms were at first severe and then dissipated, they have come back with a rage.

I read on a thread here that someone associated aspartame with increased symptoms and I have since ceased my chewing gum habit (probably a good thing), but its too soon to tell if that will make a difference. I'm also seeing if I can get a RX for PT with a place that has anondyne (infrared) therapy, as I've seen on this board that that has worked for some people in symptom relief.

I hope that you are doing well, and again, thanks for your helpful response. (I'm going to check to see if a gluten sensitivity test was done).

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