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i have diabetes and have been having horrible nerve pain in my feet. Burning and cramping, tingling...i've tried so many different meds and they do not work. I've now been on lyrica and cymbalta for months now. I just had problems with kidney stones and was prescribed vicodin and was taking them for about a month off and on. When I took the vicodin my nerve pain totally went away. I mentioned this to my neurologist when i was just there a few days ago but she said nothing. If i found something that actually works and takes the pain away why didn't she just give me the vicodin? Can someone please tell me how i can get my doctor or another doctor to give me this pain medicine or something like it? I've tried everything and nothing works. This pain is killing me and is making me very depressed. I can't get any sleep and am in pain all the time, especially at night. Please someone give me some adivce.

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