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take tumeric , tart cherry extract , vitamin
C , MSM, for pain
Lots of green tea per day !

Try inversion therapy for spinal stenosis if advised by physician it is okay.

For neuropathy, shooting pains in your extremities etc..:
As AUSSIE and I said , buy and take Alpha Lapoic-Acid (*******'s on line prices are great) , The study folks took 300 MG a day for months and their damaged nerves actually healed ! Neuropathy in the extremities went away too. Nothing to lose by trying.

Take 300 MG a day and just keep taking it and don't stop ever

Heal prior injury sites with old painful scar tissue:
I had similar scar nerve problems after foot surgery , only Pro-Lo injections to the injury site worked for me. This procedure re-heals the damaged tissues in the correct directions; I got complete relief (three injections over 3 mo.s)
hope this helps, Rob

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