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I am 28yrs old. have had balance problems for a few years, gradually getting worse. It does not limit any activity, but I do sidestep several times everyday, have fallen only about 4x, (over the course of about a year). Originally I was sent for vestibular therapy and it was thought it was only my inner ears (which are both slightly weak). That made it worse though, so I was sent to a neurologist. After normal blood tests, MRI's, and no known cause, I had an EMG, which finally revealed something, nerve damage in my feet and legs. I haven't gone back yet for the appt which will work on finding the cause of the nerve damage, but the other dr mentioned it frequently isn't determined. I have also already had ulnar nerve surgery on my elbow, and this test also showed it is starting in the other arm, and also carpal tunnel is starting on both wrists (although I have no symptoms of that) Also, I have an extreme case of raynaud's in my hands, and also I've had a tremor in my hands for over 10 yrs. So, it seems like a lot of random symptoms, and I wonder if any are tied together.

Also, I'm wondering if an overdose of a anti-depressant 7 yrs ago could have caused nerve damage, that is just showing up now? I had not mentioned this to a dr, but possibly will this appt if it could be a cause. I have not taking any medications in those 7 yrs since. I did have the tremor before that, but the raynaud's also appeared about 4 yrs ago, and the balance about 2 or 3.

I am just wondering if anyone knows any information about the sypmtoms, causes, or anything that might help. It has been over a year of questions and tests but no answers, and this was the first time anything was determined at all, so I'm not sure what other info I might hear from the doctor.

Thank you

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