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[QUOTE=stigeress;3908716]I hope someone can help me since it seems my dr won't my back messed up about two months ago and one night i went to try to slide myself back some on the bed when all of a sudden i had horrific pain shoot down down my right leg and then from my knee down my leg is numb i can move my toes a little with consintration but thats all i can't move my ankle at all my back is fine now as of two weeks ago but no improvement on my foot at all i went to hospital about three weeks ago they mentioned falling foot syndrome but will not tell me nothing else except to see my dr and as i mentioned my dr isn't trying to help me it seems i have a 6 month old daughter and i'm scared to walk with her for fear i will trip over my toes (like i did today) thank goodness i wasnt holding her at the time it seems if i wear tennis shoes it keeps my foot straighter which helps some with walking but when i don't have on shoes my foot just falls basically what should or can i do? can anyone please please help me figure something out i don't have anyone to turn to for help and i don't know what to do


Oh, my goodness, you poor dear. I can tell you a little bit about what I know as a nurse with what we call "foot drop". That is what I think you are describing. I have never seen this in people that can walk, only in people who are quadrapelegic or parapalegic. They get it because they can't move and they then become contracted, permanent positioning of an extremity. My neurologist has told me that the nerve pathways of the extremities do re-grow after some time and hopefully that will happen to you. In the mean time however, you need to do whatever you can to keep this foot from becoming contracted until those pathways are re-grown. If it does become contrated, you won't stand a prayer. What we do at the hospital is just about what you have been doing, wear tennis shoes to keep that foot in a normal position. A tight shoe, like a tennis shoe, is your best bet and the tighter the better. We have the patients wear the shoe all of the time, even in bed. We only take the shoe off for bathing, around an hour or so. That is exactly what I would do, if I were in your shoes, pardon the punn, not intentional. I would goggle "foot drop" as well and see if they have any other suggestions.
Stigeress, I know that I am new and all, but definitely not new to the enemy that we call Foot Drop! First things first, get an AFO, (ankle-foot orthosis). It will not be very comfortable, but it will fit into your shoe and give you MUCH more stability, (it keeps your foot at a 90 degree ankle so you won't trip over your foot). I understand a bit of what you mean when it comes to your child...I don't have any children now because of that particular reason. I'm terrified of what it would be like to become pregnant with this problem, (and scared that I would trip and fall and lose the child before it is born), or even worse...have the baby and fall while carrying it. Sorry, I got side-tracked! After the AFO, since it has only been 3 months you MUST SEE A NEURO-SURGEON NOW!!! You still have time, and that is so wonderful. Do a lot of research and find a neuro that does nerve grafts or transplants near you, but someone who is very credible that has been doing it a long time. They could possibly fix this for you, but not after 6 months, so time is of the essence! I waited too long, see post below, and now I don't have that option anymore. You may also want to consider physical therapy...I've been at it for about 3 months now. I find it very informative and motivational. I even P.T. at home when I'm not at therapy. Stretching is key as well...Just please PLEASE try to see a neuro-surgeon and get an AFO as soon as humanly possible! Good luck to you and your family and I hope this helped a bit! :)
thank you bobby flay and bentleysikes for giving me some advice i have finally gotten a referral to a Orthopaedic Surgeon and he couldn't believe the other doctors left everything this long it had been two months when this started before i finally to a doctor to help me and tell me what was wrong anyway he did a nerve conduction study on me and says that the perinal nerve is damaged he gave me a AFO (ankle-foot orthosis) to wear and a cane to help me walk and started me on physical therapy last friday but he doesn't want to see me again for six months he said hopefully by then my foot will be healing if not then we will talk about other options i'm hoping this is good news though so far because at least i finally got someone to do something

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