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Hi All,
I'm new here, and it seems a few boards after getting drop foot after large L5 herniation. I've seen 3 docs and none of them advise doing anything.

GMAC, I was wondering how you knew you had severed your sciatic nerve, vs. any lesser injury. I've gotten very little info and am going to see a different neurosurgeon next week. I want to have nerve test done to see if it makes sense for surgery. I feel like I'm in the dark and know time is of the essence.

Any info would be helpful. Thanks!

Glad to hear the success stories for you and Tanya.

[QUOTE=gmac1975;3766685]Hi Tanya, how's things? I see the meanies who control this board closed the last thread for whatever reason, seems pretty stupid to me....

Anyway, how you progressing? Any big updates? I havent been on here for a while for the simple reason that I havent got much more news to report. I stopped seeing the consultant and the physios about 2 months ago with the onus on me to keep doing the stretching/balancing/strengthening exercises at home. In truth I've been a bit lax with it all so my ankle gets a bit stiff from time to time, my own fault. The foot drop has been eradicated but movement is still pretty limited. Have started back swimming again and am going to return to badminton again soon to see if we can get it all a bit more loose and useful! Would be good to hear from you soon.

To anyone else looking in, I had a tendon transfer on my foot about 6 months ago after severing my sciatic nerve 14 years ago. Happy to answer any questions :)[/QUOTE]

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