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Came out of my pot/cast last week which was 12 weeks post op. The op seem to go well but not exactly has hoped. The tendon transfer has got my foot almost at 90degrees but still drops a little. I am using my afo to walk around, walking around bare foot is much better tho as i do not lift my knee and or hip nearly as much.

so not perfect results for me but much better than previous.

it is very swollen now as i walk around on it but hopefully that will get better with time.
Kippa good to hear from you again.

Hows things? I was thinking of your situation when i went back in last week, half expecting to be told I needed another 6 weeks in the cast. Instead it was the opposite and I was told just to get on with it with no walking boot or physio! Bit weird. My foot is still swollen too though it has gone down noticeably since last week. Do you have any physio or other treatment planned? I've to go back and see the consultant in 5 weeks but thats all.

Good luck to both of you and keep in touch,
Hi Kippa10...

Glad to hear you're doing so well after your surgery...there was another poster from the other board...I think her name was Lynn and she also had the tendon transfer surgery... she also said that her foot got tired when walking around without the brace. This may or may not be an option for me somewhere down the line, but I was just curious how much you can move your foot...can you press down at all, or does it just remain at 90 degrees? I actually like my present AFO from Otto Bock and am walking pretty good for someone who had a totally smashed leg 5 months ago, but I am curious about the tendon transfer surgery.

Best, Tanya :D

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