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Kippa - Sounds like I'm in a similar position to you (but without the sloping) and had a similar procedure done. I can't dorsiflex and the doc says it might come with time or it might not. Been almost 2 weeks since I got the cast off and no sign of any movement yet so not really getting my hopes up. Still limping a bit, even with the splint on. You happy with your result?
Hi Graeme,

Everything is set for Thursday and the operation is really a simple one from what I understand. All they're going to do is free the nerve, which the doctor believes became compressed during my fracture surgery. This will give my peroneal nerve and the nerve sheath the opportunity to heal on it's own...may or may not work, and it will be several weeks before I know anything. This surgery is only attempted when the problem can be traced to a specific area, and I just happen to be a candidate...This is the least invasive of all the surgeries and it tries to address the nerve function directly. If it doesn't help, then I can consider the surgery like you had somewhere down the line...

I noticed in your post to kippa that you said that you couldn't dorsiflex...since your foot is already at about 90 degrees, I'm assuming that you can't push your foot that correct? Anyway, I'm happy to hear that you're doing so well, and you've certainly earned a few days in the sun...and don't worry about your leg is starting to look like a road map...:eek:

I'll let you know how it all went as soon as I can...have to keep your trainers /sneakers in mind as well...are yours just regular sneakers, or are they high tops that come up past the ankle?

Feel better...

Hi Kippa,

Thanks for letting me know about the movement of your foot in such detail...I seem to have a different problem than you and Graeme, since I can push down really strong and can also invert my foot as well...can also lift it up about an inch and a half, and evert to the outside about 3 inches, but that's it...when you say that you can't dorsiflex...move the foot could you do this anyway if your foot is almost at 90 degrees? I guess there are a few different versions of foot drop and I really find the whole thing kind of confusing...:dizzy:

In an attempt to remedy my weird version of foot drop, I'm having surgery on Thursday to release the nerve...I'll keep you posted, and in the meantime, take care and feel better...



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