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Not 100% happy with my result to be honest but I didnt go into it expecting a miracle cure. However, it certainly is a vast improvement and allows me to move around much quicker at home when im not wearing the afo. The whole of my lower leg swells up amazingly when i am walking on it or have vertical for a length of time, its been 2 weeks since the cast came off and doesnt seem to be improving greatly, it will get there eventually i suppose.

Tanya when i damaged my peroneal nerve the foot drop meant i could press down and move my foot inwards, but not up and outwards. now ive had the tendon transfer the foot is (almost) 90 degrees i can still press down against the new tendons that have been transfered, this gives some slight movement, i can also still move it inwards. Is prior to the op i still cant move it up or out. Hopefully your nerve will heal itself as it sounds 'pinched' as opposes to seriously damaged. I remember when i was rushed in to hospital off the soccer pitch when i did my injury to have the knee ligaments repaired, my surgeon noted that my peroneal nerve 'looked like a train had run over it then a dog had chewed'!!. I swear those were his exact words!!

graeme - is your ankle solid enough when you walk bare foot now without the afo? when i walk and get to the stage where i bring my 'bad' foot through ready to make contact with the floor i can almost feel it dropping slightly before being 'caught' by the new tendon transfers. this makes it feel pretty unstable.

Hi Kippa10...

Thanks for explaining you condition in such detail to I understand what is actually happening...actually it's a lot like mine, except that I have some slight movement upward and outward. Come to think of it, I can also move my toes up slightly as well. I can walk around without my AFO without really raising my leg very much at all...I just have to be careful. As I walk I can get just enough upward-outward lift without tripping over myself. At least your doctor got a look at your peroneal nerve...I had surgery to my femur bone (thigh) and when I woke up, I had drop foot. I never had any outward injury to the knee area at all ???

It took a lot of testing to pinpoint the problem to my knee, since originally it was thought to be coming from my upper leg. I hope the surgery helps, but there are no guarantees...perhaps there is too much damage for the nerve to heal, but this surgery will at least give it a chance...I'm keeping my fingers crossed...I'll keep you posted, and since my surgery is tomorrow, wish me luck :D

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