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Hi Elandre,

You're right, my situation has improved greatly...Actually I really suffered terrible damage to my femur bone, and it sounds as if you are making wonderful progress so far as getting around and mobility are concerned...compared to how I was doing at a similar time frame. For me, the pain of dropped foot would be worst in the middle of the night interfering with sleep. It seems that when you have the least distraction, this pain manifests itself with a vengeance. I used to have to awaken family members in the middle of the night to massage my leg along the peronneal nerve in order to get some relief. And it's even difficult to describe this kind of pain to anyone, unless you experience it yourself.

As I mentioned before, I started taking Vitamin B6 and other B vitamins and this seemed to relieve the pain...Perhaps this was just my wishful thinking, and I can't site the science for this, but that is what helped. Also, I used to have something called a multi-podus boot that I wore at night, which immobilized the foot into a somewhat neutral position...this helped with the pain a great deal as well, and I figured that a device such as this was better than filling myself with narcotics and more pills. I also found that the brace I wore during the day had a great deal to do with the pain that I was feeling. For me, a custom made plastic brace was horrible and painful to wear, and when it was time for a new brace, I flat out refused to wear another plastic brace like this...mine enveloped the sides of the foot, and while it was OK in the morning, it would become very painful as my foot swelled throughout the day and the plastic would just stay the same get the picture. Anyway, for all these reasons, I was fitted with the Otto Bock carbon brace called Walk On...and it has been great. You can find them on the Internet. Although it will probably fit in your normal shoe, I decided to fit it into an elastic shoe and that has worked the best for me. The brace is light and takes care of the foot drop, and the elastic shoe gives support, but not the painful pressure to the dropped foot... my orthopedist has remarked that I walk like nothing ever happed at all. While I wouldn't go this far, I will say that this combination has worked well for me...

The only other information I can give you is the patience of time and waiting...advice, which I find very difficult to take myself. Also, if you have not seen a neurosurgeon already, you should try to find one that specializes in the peripheral nerves in order to evaluate your particular situation. I needed nerve decompression surgery, and it has been helpful in my case...but every case is so different that only a neurosurgeon can give you the best advice for you... Please post again if you need anymore information, of if you just want to chat...feel better...


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