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[QUOTE=RebeccaG;3617905]I have a couple of things to add and they're actually quite possibly more important than what I stated above. I wound up having a second surgery at the implant site 2 1/2 weeks after the hip replacement because I had a staph infection. I wonder if I might have scar tissue that is impeding the nerve regeneration. I also have a lipoma (sp?) in that area that my OS knew about prior to surgery. I have what looks like a mountain range on my hip now and there is significant pain there. I'm wondering if it's worth it to find a surgeon who will go in surgically to take a look at the nerve itself.

Any suggestions?

Thanks again,
Rebecca in Texas[/QUOTE]

Hi Rebecca,

Welcome to the website, and I hope that some of the information here will prove helpful to you. I have been dealing with foot drop since November when I had surgery to repair a badly broken leg...I'm not a doctor, but the most important thing for you to find out is where your foot drop is coming from...I think it can come from the spine, hip, or knee and there are specific EMG tests, which will exactly pinpoint the location of your problem...once you know that, your doctors can suggest some strategy for helping you.

I've seen the Dellon Institute on the Internet, and since you're living in Texas, I've also seen Dr. Nath in Dallas, Texas on the Internet as can g oogle him if your interested. I don't have experience with either of them, but they both seem to be very knowledgeable about foot drop. Basically you have to find a neurologist or neurosurgeon who specializes in the peripheral nerves in order to get to the bottom of your problem...from what I understand, plastic surgeons also deal with the peripheral nerves because of their expertise in microsurgery.

As for your AFO, these things are a real pain...I had one and it was torture to wear...I was finally able to graduate to something less restrictive, and it's made by Otto Bock. It worked for me because I had some ankle stability, but I don't know if it would work in your particular case...

I hope you feel better I'm so fond of saying, nerves heal at a glacial pace...very very slowly, so don't be too discouraged...please post if you have any more questions and also let me know how you are doing...

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