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[QUOTE=injuredeasy;4098571]I wish that someone would design a good looking shoe one that would fit and work with drop foot. All the shoes and things that I now own I bought before my accident. I am terrified that if my nerve damage is permanent that I will have to get rid of all my shoes and have to buy some horrible shoe.. Eh I know its vain and I am crazy for worrying about shoes and the way they will look. But its the only thing to think of if you are a shoe lover. BTW when you wear an AFO brace is it obvious that you have a limp? Or does it hinder you when you have shoes that go up? I have a pair of UGG boots that I bought recently, before my knee dislocation. I am worried that I wont ever be able to use them agian. I love them so much. Has anyone regained the control in your toes after having drop foot? My doctor just schedualed me an EMG and it has been over three months. Is that too late to do a reconstructive surgery if the injury sustained is permanent? Sorry about the babble I am just stressed and worried about simple things, idk I hate this I am not too happy about having to wait longer about getting my surgery.. eh, well good luck to all.:angel:[/QUOTE]

Hi're right about drop foot, since it is the pits. You know, it must be a female thing, but I worried all the time about not being able to wear my shoes anymore too. For about a year I had to wear a brace with monstrous shoes that were two different sizes, but eventually I've been able to get back into all my old shoes again. When I wore a carbon brace, which was much more comfortable than the plastic variety, no limp was visible at all. However, one foot does feel different than another, and even now that I don't wear a brace anymore, I am very aware that my former drop foot foot has just become a strange foot. I think I will always have this, but after a while I've learned to ignore it.

In the beginning none of my toes could move at all, but after the decompression surgery, I regained pretty good function of my toes. And I hope that you do too. Although it may not be possible for you to wear UGG boots right now, wearing other types of boots could work as a brace for you. My doctors would often suggest that I wear boots for this purpose, but I'm just one of those people who do not feel comfortable in boots. Look for a comfortable, good-fitting boot with the kind of heel found on walking shoes---and of course, it should be stylish too!:D

As for the EMG, they are usually scheduled at 2 to 3 months as far as I know--but I would talk to my other doctors about this just to make sure. If the nerve is to be decompressed, this should be done by about 6 months or so, but since we all have different injuries and no two are alike, this timing can also vary as well. You mentioned that you are seeing a knee specialist, and I am assuming that he is an orthopedist. When you have your EMG, you will probably see a neurologist for the testing. If, however, the nerve is to be remedied surgically, you should see a neurosurgeon, even if it means traveling out of your area. Good luck and feel better--Tanya --By the way, I found Ecco shoes pretty comfortable to wear during the drop foot days.

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