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[QUOTE=Brainalley;4093342]Yes, I have drop foot resulting from the surgery. None of the braces work for me because my left foot turns inward toward the left and the brace and shoe go to the right. I have an appt with the DOc. in DEc. for an EMG and hopefully decompression and or tendon transfer. I am going to Special Surgery for the EMG and to see a Neurologist. The nerve pain is terrible....[/QUOTE]

Brainalley--I'm so sorry to hear of your discomfort. and yes, I also felt this terrible pain, which made me want to climb the walls :eek:. Although vitamin B6 doesn't help everyone, I did find that it took the edge off of the pain when it was very bad. Fortunately in my case, the pain did lessen considerably in time, and I hope you also follow the same path towards recovery. In the meantime, there are certain medications which can lessen your discomfort such as Lyrica and others, and your physician should be able to guide you in this area.

From what you've related in your posts, it seems that you have both an orthopedic and and a neurological problem, and that's a very difficult situation to be in. Special Surgery is the very best orthopedic hospital in NY state and the entire country, but my information about the neurological aspect of your medical issues still stands. For the best possible outcome in your particular situation, you should investigate further! By the way, the problem that I had was called peroneal neuropathy and not peripheral neuropathy, as I stated in a previous post.

As for the AFO / shoe issue, in one way or another, everyone with drop foot has difficulties in this area--it's just a matter of finding some crazy combination that works just for you. The Otto Bock Carbon brace is completely flat and does not surround or compress the foot in any way, so even if your foot turns inward, the brace would permit it to do so, while still supporting your heel and ankle and as much of the foot that stayed on the brace. The other half of this combination is the shoe, of course, and I found a totally elastic shoe by Orthofeet a perfect combination with the Otto Bock Brace. Both items are on the Internet, and perhaps there is some remote chance that this combination would work for you too,

The very best of luck to you in December and wishes for a full recovery and relief from pain---Tanya

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