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[QUOTE=dropfive;3967953]Hi all, Gary from Melbourne Australia here. It's interesting reading all of your messages. I came of a motorbike one month ago and apart from tearing most things behind my knee I also have footdrop. They have said I have damaged the peronial nerve.
I can just wiggle my toes slightly up and down but absolutely no movement in my foot. I am able to push my foot down with some resistance below it like a car accelerator. I have been told a damaged nerve grows 1mm a day if it decides to repair itself. I am absolutley petrified that it could take 5-600 days to get proper movement back in my foot.
I am yet to have nerve continuity tests. Going in a couple of weeks for those.
I get the impression from some of the messages on here that it is not advisable to sleep or even walk around without a brace on.
Question: Is it advisable to wear a brace as often as possible?
Alls I'm getting from my doctors at the moment is shock and awe at the amount of damage i have done to the knee. I don't know if I'm in a worse or better state than many of you. One thing I do know is that all of your notes are extremely helpful. I have never used a site like this before.
Any advice would be really appreciated. Gary[/QUOTE]

Dear Gary:

That is just awful, I am very sorry that this has happened to you. I see foot drop often. Mostly in folks that have had strokes or some sort of accident that has rendered them unable to use their legs at all. So, in that respect I think you are pretty lucky that you still have use of your legs with all of that damage. In someone young, we don't really use the brace because it is hard to put on and keeps you inactive. We use a high top tennis shoe, like basket ball players wear. We keep the shoes laced up pretty tight and yes, we keep them on the patients even when they are in bed asleep. If you sleep 8 hours a night, that is enough to set your nerve back to the foot drop position. I think if the brace is more comfortable, you should wear that to sleep but during the day when you are up and about, you should get some high top basket ball shoes and lace them up tight, that really should be easier to walk around in which is really good and helpful in repairing that nerve.

Also, I would take everything off for at least a couple hours a day to get some air to your feet. You can get a bed sore type of thing pretty fast wearing shoes of a brace 24 hours a day. I would do the two hours a day around the time you are showering. I would be sure to inspect the skin on the effected foot for any signs of bed sores, blisters, anything like that. A sign of a bed sore coming on would be blanching of the skin, sort of a red area. If you do start seeing something like that, keep a close eye on it because after the blanching phase come sloughing off of the skin and then infection. With nerve damage, you are not going to have good blood supply to that foot putting it at a high risk for a nasty infection. I have even seen patients have to have their foot amputated because of a sore like this and it getting so infected that it was gangreene. Don't go crazy though, just inspect it and give your foot a breath of air two hours a day.

Let me know if you have questions. Hope it heals fast! Motorcycles have always scared me to death. Do you think you will still ride once you are back on your feet? It is good on gas but, you have nothing between yourself and another car.

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