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Hi! Well I had ulnar nerve transposition surgery, carpal tunnel & Guyon's canal release all on my right arm on 11/4/09. I just want to say I am (at 12/1) still having some numbness also, around the elbow, and sometimes the areas of numbness move & shift along with the areas of pain. Right now it is like a 4 inch "band' of numbess/swelling above the elbow on the bottom portion of arm that doesn't feel right...but sometimes it's a football shaped area around the elbow...and sometimes it shifts.

I still can't rest my lower arm on a table, for example....well sometimes I can, for a little while - this is just starting to get better. However, the doctor told me today that I was proceeding normally. I still have some swelling and he also said that was normal. I still take one pain pill per day, at bedtime (Lortab 7.5). I went back to work the week before Thanksgiving - for 3 days - and worked Thanksgiving week for 3 days - now I am back to 5 days per week. The doctor had given me a note off until 12/1...(today) but I went back early - needed the $$$$. They just told me to wear my carpal tunnel brace when typing or driving....until today I was to wear it all the time.

They cut through small peripheral nerves when they do the surgery, and that's why we can go numb, but feeling should be restored eventually. The nerves grow back slowly.

I never had much pain at all before the surgery, only muscle weakness in my hand. Mine has been going on about 20 years before I had surgery. My ulnar incision is about 10 inches long!!!! How long is yours? And did they go under the muscle with your ulnar nerve, or just put it under the skin? Mine is just under the skin. Those operations heal faster than the sub-muscular ones. He told me my muscle was too big (!) to put the nerve there.

Hope to hear back from you! And happy healing :)...I hope you feel better soon!

P. S. I am just now able to put some weight on that arm and I am so glad. For example, getting out of the bathtub was rather hard without using the right hand/arm to lift me out. Now I can use it. I was beginning to wonder..because it seemed I was getting better so slowly. But everyone heals differently and so long as you stay on track with your doctor and follow that advice, I think your healing will proceed normally. However, the numbness you describe sounds like it may extend into more area than may be due to the nature of your particular surgery...but if you have questions like this, I would call your doctor's office and just leave a message for the nurse or the PA asking if they could ask if this is normal. It probably IS normal, but it never hurts to ask. Good luck!

P. P. S. Don't get discouraged. There was one weekend where I just cried & cried, I felt so awful, just awful, and it makes you feel worried you won't be able to use your arm correctly ever again. My advice is just focus on the healing, and resting of your arm. Don't sweat the other stuff. Give yourself a break on the bad days and realize that they will pass. They have for me and I was really worried there for a while!

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