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Finger tingling
Dec 9, 2009
Hi all...I'm a newbie here, and would love some discussion. I have had herniated discs at C5-6 & T8-9 for a few years now. General course of therapy is anti-inflammatories, pain pills when needed, and Skelaxin. Also, have had epidural steroid injections in both areas. Most recently, we have switched to facets procedure in cervical spine, due to the fact Dr. feels cracking & crunching during exam, so he felt it was more joint related. These shots do help. About 3 weeks ago, my middle finger, ring finger, and pinkie on my right hand have started having almost constant pins & needles, and numbness once in awhile. I can't seem to associate it with anything I am doing with my hand or arm. Saw Dr. today, and he ordered an MRI without contrast, with a Dx of Cervicalgia; Cervical Radiculopathy. I understand why the MRI, but my concern is: by knowing if the disc is pinching a nerve, has anyone ever found treatment to be any different? My point being, I need to decide if the MRI is really necessary. I'm thinking at this point, if they can't really do any more by knowing what is causing the tingling in my fingers, is it worth going through? any discussion would be most appreciated.

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