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Dec 17, 2009

I am new to the boards. (I wish I would have done this earlier)
Hopefully someone can give me some pointers as I know this can be a quite complicated matter.

At this point I know I have some form of neuropathy, more likely peripheral neuropathy since it affects my sense, touch and outer skin in general as well as my overall blood circulation.

At the age of 16 (I am 25 now) I started to have weird symptoms, unexplainable by my family doctor. Physical tests have all passed everytime with no indication of anything unusual since than.

I admit at that age I had incredibly high stress and anxiety, to add to that I drank coffee at high doses with lots of sugar (5-10 cups a day). I started smoking, but it wasn't a regular thing, instead it was in on and off periods, which I believe made the situation worse since it pushed my stress and anxiety level upwards during the quit periods. During this time of smoking on and off I started to notice swollen lymph nodes in many parts throughout my body. It felt as though my body was trying to rid all the carcinogens I inhaled during the on period. At the same time, I experienced a few other things such as twitching muscles. Twitching muscles slowly progressed into numbness in my arms and legs. My sense of touch was much more sensitive to warm and cold, and putting on a hat in the winter for too long put uncomfortable pressure on my scalp nerves. Constipation turned into a regular thing as well.

By now, I have figured a few things out to deal with it, but it is far from "normal".

These are the things I am definetely sure of:

If I drink or eat products with sugar at night, the next day I will wake up a "zombie", and probably with a numb arm to add on to it.

Stress only makes it worse in all situations.

I can feel weakness in the morning in my muscles, but as the day progresses I regain most of the strength. This has something to do with my circulation. My hands usually feel colder, than it becomes normal later on during the day.

Early in the day I feel confusion and I can't think right. It takes me a while to get composed. I play sports once in a while as well, and what I notice is that it takes me much longer to warm up.

I have somehow learnt to deal with this, I have been taking B12 to help, and it definetely has helped. The nerves I admit are not that sensitive as they were before. I would say that they are half as sensitive as they were before. But the circulation issue is still there, I can't think straight, only later on in the day I feel pressure building up in my head. I still have weakness but alot less than before.

I have been checking my blood sugar level lately. The reading I got was normal most of the time except for a few times it was in the lows.

And somedays I just feel normal. Sometimes this normal lasts for more than a few days, and I think its going away, but than it comes right back.

Any advice or suggestions are appreciated. I don't know what the cause could be, my doctor does not know either.

I have been living with it for 9 years (with atleast 15 visits to the doctor for physical examinations) and counting, and it remains a complete mystery to me.

My family has some history of diabetes, my grandmother had it as far as I can tell. I'm not sure if diabetes can cause these sorts of symptoms.

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