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Hi, usually with diabetic or prediabetic neuropathy the symptoms start in the most distal extremities [feet] first and both feet at the same time, then if sugars are not well controlled it can progress up the legs, then the hands usually start having problems as well.

Symptoms are normally burning, tingling. pain, numbness, high sensitivity to touch in affected areas etc, these feelings are normally constant 24/7 and can be worse at night time in some people.

Good control of blood sugars should avoid this complication, also avoiding lows as well as this also damages the nerves.

If your taking Metformin for your diabetes, its is a good idea to supplement with B12 methylcobalamin, [1-5 mg daily on an empty stomache] as metformin depletes b12 levels which can be another cause of nerve damage as well, most doc's won't tell you this though, unfortunatly.

good luck
Aussie :)

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