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Laurie, mine started in my feet and then rather quickly went up my legs and I was just starting to get trouble with my hands when before starting treatment, they resolved pretty quickly [ thank god ].

An emg picked up that i did have some large nerve damage, but I was mostly troubled with small fibre nerves, severe burning, electric like zapping feeling, pain & numbness.

Hand problems can come from the cervicle spine, same as legs/feet can come the lower spine, so I think it would be worth while checking out that possibility, its not unusual to have dual causes of neuropathy.

good luck
Aussie :)
Hi Laurie,
I mean I could be holding a glass and all of a sudden my hand would just let it go, I could be attempting to open a medicine bottle and giving it everything I got, but the hand is barely moving, my the latest thing is I can be walking and all of a sudden Im on the ground. Its like your walking normally and when you go to put one foot forward it decides it doesnt want to go forward. It just won't move, but my mind is saying go..I found out they have to be on the same accord or you end up being on the ground. There are times when Im typing and its like my fingers are froze. I actually have to wear gloves to bed at times bcuz they get so cold. I was diagnosised with Fibro, Neuropathy in 2007, well now one of my hands turns blue when it gets cold. OMG!! Im having another nerve test next week. Also,I can be driving and holding on to the stirring wheel becomes a problem. I had Neurotin for awhile, but it didnt work for me, but I know of some it has helped. I would definitely stick with the Neurologist. :-)

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