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I suffered a motorcycle accident in August of 2008. My left leg was broken in three places and my pelvis was shattered. I was in a coma for a month and spent 6 more months trying to walk again. I have severe nerve damage in the L1-L5 and S1-S5 region of my spine. I can not move my left ankle / foot and I no longer have bladder or bowel control. Large muscle groups of both my legs and lower back no longer respond. The pain is extreme, even a over a year later. I take 1800 mgs of Neurontin and 30 mgs of Oxycontin a day. Keeping my mind occupied is actually the most helpful. I read constantly. I too was very active. I am retired Air force and I kept very fit. Now I shamble about the house with a cane. I was lucky enough to keep my job but my coworkers are constanly picking up the slack for me. I know where you are coming from by saying you no longer remember being pain free. I find myself thinking at the end of the day that there was not one minute in which I was comfortable and I know when I wake up it just starts all over. But you have to keep pushing through it. Try to redirect your attention to anything even if it is watching TV. I watch a lot of movies now. NetFlix is a must for me. I read a lot. I even suffer the pain associated with doing dishes, laundry, bending just to give myself a feeling of accomplishment. Otherwise I would probably become seriously depressed. I also think about my wife and daughter and I try my damndest not to be a burden on them. I don't have any glowing words of healing for you, we are both in a crappy situation, but my advise is to find something important to you, focus on it, and push yourself everyday. It will hurt, but you and I are used to that by now. I hope that you improve. Please reply if you need to talk. Us beat up ol men gotta stick together.

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