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Hi. I have been dealing with Neuropathy since January of 2006. I have all of your symptoms but in addition I have muscle spasms which sometimes happen in my knee. Weird place to get a cramp. I started taking Nortriptyline first and alone it did not offer much relief. It was a year later that Lyrica was added. The thing with lyrica is that you have to start with a low dose and increase it slowly until you are seeing more relief. You may even have to take off work b/c it will make you sleepy but your body will adapt. Give it at least 2 weeks b/c it can help. Then about a year later a drug called Trileptal was added to control my muscle spasms. This cocktail controls the burning, tingling,twitching and spasms. My neurologist says that there is nothing for the numbness but if this continues you will learn how to block this out and you will adapt. Now I have to use my eyes more. It was the most frustrating thing to reach for something thinking I had it and I didn't. If I don't keep eye contact then I will drop things. I have to be really careful b/c the numbness and weakness causes me to fall. I was wondering if your weakness is worse on one side? I had a fall in Jan. that herniated 3 disc in my lower back. Even though I told the ortho doc that the weakness was from the neuropathy, he couldn't believe it and sent me for a MRI that day. Since then I have had 4 weeks of physical therapy in which they have worked not only on my back but my weakness too. It is imperitive that you stay active. I guess I am back into my routine after about a year off.LOL Hope some of this helps. Take Care, Allie

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