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And cracking joints...

Anyone with all this symptoms?
Are they all the same?

I'm diagnosed with "sequels" of a pure motor polyneuropathy of unknown etiology, after an EMG test and two neurologist appointments. And they said that it was a road up from here...

Truth is that I'm on my 4th week of symptoms, feeling worse at times, and was prescribed with Lyrica, but the dizzies were too much for me, I got some vertigo stuff back in 2006,a nd it took me 3 years to overcome it both physically and mentally.

So my second question is...

Can Lyrica really take all those symptoms(besides pain) and help me to recover?

I've read that it is mainly used for pain, which I do have, but really the rest of the symptoms are the most annoying for me.

I take a mild run, and feel like if I ran a marathon...

My final question is...

It took me 3 years to deal with vertigo, anyone in here has deal with Neuropathy for that long? How much time does this goes on?

Thank you Liz.

I'll talk to my doc and I'll give another shot at Lyrica.

A I told you, it was a little hard for me because my vertigo stuff. Today I'm on B-shots too, they seem to help, but not too much.

I have both good and bad days, and pretty much as you said, there was nothing that could indicate a cause, bad luck as you mentioned...

As I did with vertigo, I try to find something, if not to "cure" my neuropathy, at least to control it to an acceptable level... And I also want to avoid a new onset, so that's why I was interested in finding the cause, but from what I've read, it will be an almost impossible task.

Thank you very much for your input, and If I find something else that helps, be sure that I'll post immediately.
Hi Allie.

Thank you for your post, VERY informative, I'll see if I can find the right combination to ease this junk. It was kind of frustrating to get this after being able to deal, and adapt to my vertigo stuff(it took me three years).

Measured by the EMG my weakness is almost symmetrical, a little more on my left side leg, but i feel weaker my right arm.

Fortunately Have not got any fall, and i have some almost normal days. Still I can't workout as I did months ago, since I end up like i I was beaten by a train.

On top of that the "unknown etiology"(meaning nobody knows why), behind my neuropathy leaves me with nothing more than to deal with my symptoms, hope I can get used to this,as I did with vertigo, and hope you get better soon too.

We're all here in hope that someone finds out a real cure for this, or at the very least something that make the symptoms manageable, to have a normal life again.

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