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[QUOTE=sonny475;4202716]My soft palate is constantly sore. Burning in my nostrils and nasal passages. Dull aching pressure at my upper teeth. Numbness inside my cheeks and lips. Also, pressure behind my right ear. Any ideas ?. AMS[/QUOTE]

I've had the same thing for months. ENT's I went to were worthless, other than diagnose sinuitis, ordering cat scans, MRI's and charging big bucks. When left side of my face hurts worse, and sinuitus at worse it effects the left side of my body including down into my groin, and left leg making it hard to walk. Infectious disease Dr. helped lots prescribing augmentin after I had started running fever from sinuitis the day after pain control tried to put me on a psyco drug and after ENT had said not sinuitus. I had refused psyco drugs earlier!. Referred back to ENT to be sure nothing in sinus. NO polps, etc but they were no help. Finally I started rinsing with a saline (salt water) solution. Lots of junk came out. I was amazed how much better I felt after rinsing, so I continued. Much soreness and swelling reduced in my head. Also when taking augmentin, amazing difference in soreness and pain, much easier to walk.... but not clear completely. (50-60% improvement) During that time the numbness started. A nurse pulled me to the side when an ENT referred me to another supposedly Guru in the field. She ask me if my roof of my mouth was sore, dentures hurt to touch, nasal passage sore. YES and this all started when I had an abscessed tooth located left of the nostril & before it was pulled! Her girlfriend had the same thing and the Guru had not helped her. She said it was a staph infection in the nasal area. The Guru tried referring me to another guru who specialized in migraine headaches. That doctor upon seeing me said "I don't know why you were referred to me". DUH! To shorten the story, somehow I got the idea of using hydrogen peroxide. (you should dilute) I did it full strength with a q-tip. It helped greatly, but not going deep enough. Another ENT had a fit I was using hydrogen-peroxide. Too caustic, he said. He also claimed it was all nerve pain and referred to a neurologist-shrink (two degrees) for pain control.

I agree that a nerve is being irritated, but a nerve is not causing infection, nasty junk and bloody tissue to be washed out in nasal washes. Been there, done that on pain control. They want to give drugs that are mind altering pain drugs including one that side effect can be permanent brain damage...NOT going there! Last time I saw infectious disease, my nasal area was sore but better, and also had an infected hair folicule he thought might be the source of pain and irritation. I'm going back to infectious disease to get this resolved!

Needless to say I am very frustrated, but I refuse to take mind bending drugs instead of getting to the source of the problem and clearing it up.

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