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Has anyone here experienced tingling and numbness on one side of the face? Can you suggest anything that could help?

I've seen a doctor and she's perplexed as to what could be causing it. She's tested my blood pressure, all my reflexes, pupil size, ear/mouth and everything is fine. There is no facial droopiness either. I'm 21 and it's been happening only on my left side for a good number of months now - never ever on my right. She's referred me to a neurologist but I won't be able to make an appointment straight away due to money constraints.

It comes and goes but occurs in varying degrees most days. Today it lasted for a period of 5 hours before it went away (which has been the worst so far and reached my lip for the first time) whereas the other day it only lasted for 10 minutes. Sometimes putting a cold pack on it helps, but I can't feel the cold pack as well as I can on my right cheek. It goes from just under my eye to my lip area.

I was unmistakably diagnosed with rosacea by a careless/stupid doctor last year because I had a rash from an allergic reaction to a skin product I used so I didn't think of looking into it until I realised I didn't actually have rosacea. Regardless, this tingling happened much after this. My face only ever goes red like any normal persons without rosacea would, although if it does go red it's only in a tiny area on the numb left cheek. I don't have any real rosacea symptoms whatsoever, and I've sought several opinions (as well as those with rosacea) which back me up on this. Not sure if that's even relevant though, because I don't think rosacea can cause this anyway!

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance to anyone who can offer advice, I greatly appreciate it.

EDIT: Just realised I posted this in the wrong forum, and it should be in the neuropathy forum - mods can you please move this if possible? Either that, or I can make a new thread in there. Thanks!

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