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Mar 21, 2010
Hello Allie, Aussie, Daisy and to all of the memebers of the board.

Finally I switched to Lyrica...

You can check my past posts to know my story but in a one paragraph is as follows.

Tingling, numbness, pain, weakness, you know the drill I went to -Neuro- said Neuropathy gave me Lyrica/ before I could take one pill Anxiety struck me hard I went to ER, no heart attack, just panic- Internist friend suggested clonazepam, then I got an EMG/NVC which showed "Leftovers from a pure motor Neuropathy of unknown cause"/ Internist added B-Vitamins shots and ones steroid shot/ Three weeks no change, fourth week symptoms disappeared out of the blue/ I thought I was cured/Fibro expert saw me so cool that suggested me to change to amitriptyline this put me back to hell, and then some I thought I was going bonkers/ Lyrica come to the rescue, before I jumped from the roof I'm on my 3d day first with two 75 mg pills.


- I do have a neuropathy, but I believe that small fibers are involved cause of my symptoms, even as I do know that there was some motor issues to. No one suggested me testing for small fiber simply because I was so well on my physical examinations, that they didn't believed it necessary.

- I do have high anxiety, cause friends in the ER almost say "here he comes again".

- Something in the mix of clonazepam and the b-shots managed to do the trick, neither myself nor the doctors know why.

- Amitriptyline is The Devil. Gave me fear, dizzies, depression, migraine, and still didn't took away my neuropathic stuff.

- Lyrica is better, hope it works.

- I still have pain, jumping and numbness, but I feel really good for some hours, and then really bad .


-What caused this? Why I went clear with clonazepam?

- Why I always tested so well on my examinations(strength, reflexes, sensation, etc.) and feel so bad now?

- New symptoms, or to be precise new places with weird symptoms: Stiff neck but not in the back as it is usual but in the front, sometimes is hard for me to bend my head backwards. Burning, twitching and numbness in chest, back, upper part of legs, and even the neck, all mild but they weren't there before.


- That I have something still undiagnosed.

- That this progresses and affects me more.

- That the underlying cause is still there and that it might got me problems in the future.

I hope Lyrica helps...

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