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My whole life I have had a tendency to a little minor tingle (not actual numbness) to appear in a hand or foot. Last week, it seemed to get worse for a few days and migrate - first the hands, then the feet, then the right foot (for one day I had almost shock-like sensations in my big toe) and then it changed to more of a slight achy feeling, mostly in the right thigh, sometimes the left, and sometimes my right arm. Not really pain but that feeling you get right after you lift something very heavy and have just put it down. There is some pain in my ankle and knee on my right leg - which was previously thought to be arthritis because it's "off and on". It migrates all day - sometiems I feel fine, then my right leg, then arm, then left leg, all in a few hours. It feels mostly normal in bed at night, gets worse through the day and seems to not really be affected by temperature one way or the other. Today, tehre's almost no tingling but my ankle hurts a little when pressure is applied (right foot) and left hip joint feels a very very slight ache.

I have no mobility issues, can balance on one foot with my eyes closed, no vision issues, no bowel/urinary issues, etc.

My first thought was MS - PCP seems to think not but referred me for an EEG w/a neuro - PCP said that MS symptoms don't usually "migrate" like that during the course of an attack (and most other info seems to more or less confirm that), and doesn't usually present that way, but I still worry.

Then I thought anxiety (which I DO have and have taken meds for in the past) was taking a rather minor case of peripheral neuropathy of unknown cause and making it worse.

Then I thought - fibromyalgia (rare for a 32 yo male), rheumatoid arthritis (but no burning or swelling that I can see), pinched nerve or spinal injury (I do carry heavy objects the wrong way a lot) - but can't see how it would affect the arms AND legs randomly...perhaps lyme disease (but I otherwise feel OK and never saw a rash that I can recall.)

I had a very small bit of lower back pain last night for about an hour, and do get headaches off and on (few times a month) that my Dr. thinks are migraine or tension - Motrin usually whacks them.

Was tested today for B12 and hypothyroid, results in Monday or Tuesday.

Negative for diabetes (fasting glucose around 65), white cell count normal (in January, before symptoms).

I also have a tendency to take Dr. Google's worst possibility and assume I have it - so I'm freaked. My wife says it might be a slightly pinched or compressed nerve in my neck that sends signals down to my legs when I shift position or overdo it (or arthritis-related) but I dunno. Still scared it's MS - I have a 1 year old and a whole life ahead of me! I even attempted to self administer some tests for balancing and reflexes and while I'm sure I probably didn't do them right, the results all seemed to be "normal". I tried to get my wife to push me over when standing with eyes closed and she was actually impressed at my balancing ability. :D


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