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Hi Nummbie.

An MRI won't hurt, specially if you have a health insurance. If I could I'd already got myself both a spinal and a head MRI, because that way you rule out MS, and herniated discs, and other stuff that might be causing your trouble.

All this nervous system stuff is so hard to diagnose cause many conditions can mimic each other.

On MS, without being a doctor, unless you have some visual trouble, and CLEAR heat intolerance, both by physical activity and because of your environment, it would be rare if you actually find out that you have MS.

Even in this not so bright scenario, there are great treatments for it, and at least you could pinpoint what is happening to you and treat it properly.

I've read that fasciculation(Muscle twitching) are present in many conditions to be considered an specific sign of a particular one. But of course many of us will always go for the worst possibility, specially when we're undiagnosed.

Right now I'm in a middle of an exacerbation of my symptoms, which made both me and my doctor try to find the underlying cause for the nerve damage, to prevent further problems. Still no pointers towards MS, still the first extra cash I could get, I still be taking the MRI.

Curious thing in my case that, the last time I was completely clear for a week, of all my symptoms, my treatment consisted basically in vitamin B, ONE shot of steroids, and clonazepam. After trying different stuff to "prevent unwanted dependance", Im back with a low dose of Rivotril to see what happens, both because it worked once and also because my anxiety/stress went up the roof agin with this new bout of symptoms, and Lyrica alone couldn't handle both conditions.

Obviously stress/anxiety will alway worsen any condition, simply because it put our whole nervous system in alert, and if this system is already stressed out or damaged, it's easy to do the math.

Hope your MRI helps you to find out, or if you're able to get an even more specialized test like Lori, to detect if SFN is your thing, that's even better.

Lori: My best wishes and blessing for you to overcome your actual situation, I'm confident that something will come up, hang in there.

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