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Actually, the NCS was mostly normal. I never really had to deal with pain. My problem was complete numbness in my legs, arms and hands. I remember then, that the neurologist had asked me if I had an MRI done in the past 5 years. I replied "NO", and he set one up. He explained that there were several different reason for nerve problems, and he thought it best to quickly find, or rule out, the different situations. Then when the MRI showed a compression against my spinal cord, surgery was set up immediately. I also wish to add, the surgery was simply, painless and I was only in the hospital for two days.

My symptoms today haven't really improved all that much except that with the daily physical therapy that I do, I'm able to deal with my problems better. I keep positive and instead of worrying about the things that I'm no longer able to do, I'm thankful for the things that I CAN do.

Nummbie, it's very easy to get mad or depressed about not being able to do the things we use to. However, to remain positive, work hard at being the best we can be, is so much better on our state of health. Besides, negativity always leads to the path to destruction anyway.

Wishing you the best of health......

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