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Tingling feeling in hands and feet for LONG time and dx w/tarsal tunnel and carpal tunnel syndrome. TT believed to be due to flatfoot and inward pronation - fine, that makes sense.

However, that doesn't explain the tightness, nerve pain, and oddities that seem to randomly appear in my arms and legs (seems too random and mild to be MS or anything and neuro who did my NCV agrees), especially the last couple months, and the brownish (slightly red) spots that have appeared on my feet and ankles in the last 6-12 months. I've read that the beginning of leprosy lesions can look like this. Nothing anywhere else on my body FYI.

I have no loss of dexterity, balance, or movement. I live in the US and I realize leprosy acquired IN the US is almost unheard of. Last time I was out of the country was in 2000 in the Bahamas, but I've been in several places with lots of people from overseas, some of them countries where leprosy can still show up, in the meantime. I wonder if it's possible that I'm *highly* resistant to leprosy, and it has very slowly hibernated and just now showing minor symptoms...

I keep thinking it's anxiety related in part but this seems more plausible than any other theory I've come up with.

Am I probably off my rocker here?

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