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Welcome to the Boards - jenettia - I am a little unclear as to the sequence of events with your ulnar surgery - was it March of 09? of 10? From what you have written I will assume for now, that it was 09. That said - The ulnar is the most tempermental of the arm/hand nerves. As you know it controls the sensation in your pinky and ring finger and in a complamentary way the thumb. You need your thumb to grasp items with your pinky. Our hands are marvelous intricate things. For me, grasping things and realizing that I did not have the item firmly in my hand, along with the horrible pain, was a sign that something needed to be done. The pain of nerves that are constantly being irritated - especially the ulnar, is reason enough to consider a way to remedy your problem. I had ulnar transposition surgery (repositioning the ulnar under muscle - moving it from the normal front of the elbow to the back - under muscle) 2/08. I was injured in a t-bone auto accident and surgery 6 mos later to repair the elbow and wrist as well. I still have issues with the elbow and the hand. They just aren't as sturdy as they used to be. However and this is significant - the damage if I had been able for some reason to wait on surgery would be greater with elapsed time. The ulnar takes it's own sweet time recovering from injury or surgery. I did not want to wind up with a claw for a hand - some people wait too long for help and then have to live with the deformity. My arm/hand is not the same, but I have relearned how to do many things I took for granted and know my limitations now - two years is about the right amount of time to fully adjust to the 'new' me. I know my elbow and wrist are weaker and try to compensate as much as I can when I have things to do around the house - if I get too abitious and forge full steam ahead as in times past - I pay for it.
What you and your surgeon decide to do is very personal - I wish you the very best success in your healthy future - keep us posted as to how you progress.

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