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Hi everyone, I've been having some bizarre neurological problems for about 10 years. To give a quick summary...

Around the year 2000 I started experiencing tingling/burning sensations on my face. Those spread to the rest of my body after about a year or so. They are aggravated by stress, certain foods (coffee, spicy foods), and heat. I eventually developed muscular pains on the right side of my body, severe constipation, and stomach distention.

Now I've been a rather anxious and depressed person most of my life. I went through a whole string of tests and nothing was found that was wrong with me, but I know it's not solely in my head. One thing that did help tremendously was going on 200mg of Zoloft, but it appears that the positive effects may be waning. I also get tremendously annoying RLS symptoms.

What I'm thinking is that I have some sort of brain chemistry/dopamine issue in my brain that is causing these distressing symptoms. I'm certain my depression and anxiety worsens them, but even when it's under control, I'll still be experiencing many of these symptoms. I was thinking requip might be able to help and I thought about talking to my doctor about it.

Does anyone have any thoughts/ideas? I'm really having a hard time figuring this thing out.

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