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[QUOTE=thalsey;4227252]I just wanted to post my experience as of late on here. About a year ago I started to have lower back problems that would radiate into my leg. After MRI's, Bonescans nothing was ever found. Did have an EMG done that the Doc said came back abnormal, but not much else, I soon after switched Doc's. The new Dr had no idea either...Fast foward to about 2 months ago, I started to notice some tingling in my fingers, which soon spread to my entire body, went to my PCP, of course he said it was stress, and sent me away. Within 24 hours the pins and needles turned into intense burning pain that seemed to radiate throughout my entire body, went back to the Doc, he prescribed steroids, and referred me to a Neuro. Steroids didnt help much, but did seem to work towards the end for a couple days, then it was back again. I forgot to mention that my PCP did blood work for diabetes, and blood counts and said everything was normal.

So then I see the Neuro, She scheduled MRI of brain, and it came back clear except for a sinus infection. I get every blood test under the sun, B12, you name it, I mean the scrip she wrote had atleast 20 different things on it. The first test came back positive for Lyme, she said she didnt think it was Lyme, and ordered a followup test even though I was on AB's for the sinus infection, of course it came back negative. Now she wants to refer me to a Dermatologist. I just dont know how long I can live like this, the tingling has been replaced by extreme burning and stabbing pains throughout me entire body. It feels like someone is sticking things underneath my finger nails, I get pains from head to toe, but especially in and around me ears, shoulders, and neck big time.....I have searched the net high and low and I cant figure this out. I am now having to turn to the VA because the bills are killing me..I am on 1200mg's of gabapentine a day and it doesnt even scratch the surface. Thankfully I can sleep ok, it doesnt seem to really kick in until I am up and moving, and gets really bad while I am driving (I drive all day)..

Sorry this was so long, I just feel like there is no hope for me..:([/QUOTE]

Sorry for your pain! I have two ideas maybe get re-tested for Lyme and taalk to them about small fiber neuropathy although I am not sure if it would be over you whole body??? Maybe some of the other SFNr's around here can give you some insight!

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