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Hi All!

I am new to the board and have been appreciating all of your posts. I have had pain for the last year or so. Originally had 2 chronic areas that had prevented me from connecting the dots with episodic pain that I am now experiencing. The 2 chronic areas I had treated were: epidural steriod injection between L5/S1 and facet joint injections at L1, L2, L3. I kept telling my doctors that my pain symptoms were worse right before I got my period every month (I am sorry if TMI). Got on the pill and they still happen.

Now that the 2 areas were treated, I am still having monthly episodic pain that lasts 3-4 days. It starts as forgetfulness, sensitive to noise, EXTREMELY sensitive to vibration and being bumped or brushed against, and headaches. I start getting burning pain in the muscles paraspinally from my lower lumber, which increases in cramping up to my shoulders. When the episodes peak, I have electric-like shooting pain that starts in my lower lumber and shoot up paraspinally to the back of my head and out my shoulders and arms like a fountain. The only way I know how to describe it is like wiring my nerves into an electric socket.

I have tried diclofenac and cyclobenzaprine and the only thing that makes the pain any better is Vicodin or Norco. I am young so no one wants to prescribe it even for short periods- you know young people can't be in pain. It is really hard because the pain is debilitating and I have 2 small children and work.

I saw an anesthesiologist and he is recommending a discogram to rule in/out discogenic pain as I have a small annular tear between L5/S1. I am wondering if anyone has similar electric pain that has been diagnosed or if this sounds disc related. He said that if it was neuropathic pain, I would have leg involvement. I am at a loss as to whether to have the procedure done and whether I should see a neurologist or other doctor. I just want to find out what is wrong and get better. The anesthesiologist seemed perplexed about the electric-pain. Any ideas? Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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