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Re: Confused??
May 22, 2010
[QUOTE=willowthewisp;4250568]Hi, my Consultant seems to be trying to head me towards some sort of Neuropathy thing, and to be totally honest i have never even heard of neuropathy before. I was convinced my pain is due to a couple of cycsts in my leg?

I have had a bad ankle/ lower leg/foot for 3 long years now, this is what i now suffer - terrible sharp stabbing pains, shooting pains, throbbing, aching and a real stiffness in my foot and ankle. I can never get my leg comfortable at night and have to keep moving it and rubbing it. This has slowly got worse over the last 3 years, but the strange thing is that the side of my lower leg is the worse, i can touch this, i can push on it a bit hard and it doesn't hurt much, but if i suddenly make a quick movement or jerk my leg, my God the agony makes me want to cry. For examply the Consultant pushed down on my leg and that was fine, but if he suddenly poked at it i would fall straight to the floor with pain. My little Jack Russell runs up to greet me and he just touches the side of my leg and i cry, when i go down steps i have to go careful with the left leg. I just cannot make any sudden or jerking movement with my left leg. It has also started to become stiff all the way to the top of the leg now, and the stabbing pains have gone up to my shin and now to my knee?? I have brushed my leg against the cat when in bed at night and screamed with pain??
I also find that i often trip over as it's as though my foot has not lifted off the floor properly so i go over? If i try and go shopping, after a while i can no longer walk, the foot goes stiff and the pain is unbearable.

Deos this sound anything like a neuropathy?? The Consultant says it is not caused by the small cysts i have.
I am now booked in to have nerve conduction tests, but how on earth i am going to have them done i will never know, i cannot have any sudden touching on my leg and i know these tests are painful.

The Consultant has now been asking me questions about my eyes? The only other things i am currently suffering from is: Very sore itchy gritty eyes - a bit of breathlessness but i am overweight, extreme tiredness, weight gain, bad shooting pains in one side of my jaw/throat??

Is this similar to neuropathy?[/QUOTE]
I have neuropathy in my feet and ankles due to Multiple Myeloma but don't have the pain which you are expriencing. My feet and ankles feel like when your feet go to sleep...tingling. I could not sleep at night with the aggrevation of my feet so my neurologist gave me Lyrica and Cymbalta for this. It helps so that I can sleep but my feet and ankles still have the tingling and numb feeling, although they are not numb.

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