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Thanks for the reply. I don't know if my calcium, magnesium and potassium levels are OK or not. The doctor never mentioned them to me. Would they have been checked do you think? I have started drinking a lot more water just lately (around 3 litres a day) and it seems to be subsiding slightly. I dont seem to get it anywhere else, just the legs. Sometimes I may get the odd movement elsewhere, maybe in the arm or the side of my body, but it is nothing really, and maybe just me looking into stuff to much. Since looking on the internet for answers, I have read alsorts of stuff. The most worrying being ALS, which is something I had never heard of before. Now I am constantly observing my legs for signs of weakness and muscle wasting! Its driving me mad.
I hope I get some answers soon. I remember about 5 years ago, I developed something called drop foot. Which is where my foot was totally paralized. I could lift my foot at all, so it prevented me from walking. I was sent to a specialist for a nerve conduction test, which was the most painful thing that has ever happened to me! It was a nightmare. The doctor inserted large needles right into my calf muscle and thigh muscles and then told me to move my leg with the needle inside. It was like torture. He then proceeded to place small pads all over my body and send small electric shocks to me. I hated every minute of it. After all that I still never got any answers, and as quick as it came, I got movement back in my foot again. I just hope I dont have to go through that again.

Well I still havent had any alcohol (1 week now) so Im just waiting to get tested again, and hopefuly the enzymes would have gone down. Im also hoping for some answers to my legs too. The doctor is good at telling me what I havent got, but can never tell me what I have! I think to myself, surely he must have seen this before??

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