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I was relaxing watching tv and was lying on my arm. After I got up, my thumb joint felt really tight and the area around was tingling and alot of pressure around it. My thumb pad and thumb was moving violently... like violent non painful spasms. I usually don't twitch when I get pins and needles so this was different. What could it be? Diabetes? Liver problems? Heart problems. It stopped after the tingling went away. Thanks in advance.[/QUOTE]

I had similiar stuff going on with my thumb,, and still do, mine is medial nerve damage, consistent with carpal tunnel. You should get an EMG done maybe. I am not sure how i got my carpal tunnel, I am not a big typist and do not egage in any repetitive hand activities that requires use of the wrist. Also they gave me splints to wear and when i wear them i dont get the twitching. Estella

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