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I've taken many tests, and I will take more to find out the cause of my neuropathy, both to see if it's still "active" or if I'm dealing with "leftovers" of an self limited episode.(which is my current diagnose)

Still, as this is new to me(it begun this year), I don't know how different is the recovery phase from a chronic presentation. With Vertigo I needed three years to recover, where 2 and a half I felt it was still "active" or in progress, and it was not.

I wanted to point this out before my question, because from I've read I don't have the most usual symptoms and progress. Yet as I mentioned I'm new to this so I don't know.

First my story:

Originally It all started with numbness/weakness, and that is all. Coped with an anxiety condition that went up the roof, my initial treatment was Clonazepam.

Cause I didn't feel progress, aside from my anxiety that responded well tothe treatment, I managed to get tne EMG/NCV test that showed: Clinical weakness in 5 of 6 muscles tested(all limbs), a reinervation process, and no active denervation in any site tested, so the call was "Sequels of a Pure Motor Polyneuropathy of unknown etiology". I other words an idiopathic neuropathy.

Curiously enough, almost after I took the test I began with the neuropathic pain, that as I believe is uncommon with "pure motor" issues, and I began also with the muscle twitching. So with my new studies and pain the doctor gave one cortisone shot and 5 vitamin B-12 shots, because he didn't want to start on Lyrica because of the initial side effects and my anxious condition.

After several weeks it worked and I felt fine. But on those several weeks I felt miserable, so I made an appointment with a Fibromyalgia expert, that coincidentally I came to visit right when I was A-Ok. Ao he didn't believe that my treatment could "cure" me as it did, and he blamed all to anxiety. He even doubted the tests. So my HUGE MISTAKE he switched to Amytriptilene to avoid future clonazepam dependence.

Not only the pain began again, mildly, but I was going crazy with this horrible medicine.

I've had to made an emergency switch to Lyrica which rescued me from the insane world, and worked wonders for a week or two, but then it lost it's power, and I lost money because of how expensive it is, so I went to Gabapentin that also worked wonders for a week or two where I felt A-Ok again, and then back with my symptoms.

All of the above is to point out that is seems I've bern having a weird progression, obviously related in part or in whole to the medication changes.

I even have to take again a low doze of Clonazepam because Anxiety kicked back in.

So adding to the weird stuff searching for the cause: All blood tests normal aside my lipids they're high(maybe the cause?).

FInally the weird questions: All over the course of my condition I've felt neuropathic issues, or they seem to be, outside of my limbs, like in my present "relapse" Such as burning pain and fasciculations, pretty much all over my body(face, neck, back, torso, butt), and numbness(mild) and some fasciculations even in my face(lips and eyelids mostly). Weakness, mild but present in some muscles, Joint pain(rheumatoid test clean).

Does it sounds like neuropathic issue? Anxiety? Fibro? ALS? all of the above?

Does this up and downs where I feel A-ok during hours of the day or sometimes almost a week or two, and then I feel miserable again are a common presentation of the condition and/or it's recovery?

Thanks for the input.

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