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Jun 12, 2010
I was diagnosed about 4 months ago, after an emg the technition said, you have neurapthy your nerves are slow. They only shocked my legs. Then they don't give me a folow up for almost 6 months, no explaination, advice anything. A whole other story. So basically I've googled everything I could seems noone told me about neuropathy.

I have these symptoms, or issues. Are any of these neuropathy? I have a lot of health issues, just can't pin point the reasononing or cause and can't seem to find a decent doctor for in between neurology appointments.

My symptoms include:

numb face, both sides
distorted vision in left eye
blurry vision
heart palps
chest pains (not at same time as heart palps, been to er twice because of palps & pains they say it's stress/anxiety)
ear pain, ear popping (heartbeat sound)
chronic fatigue
arm pain, shoulder to wrist
headrush feeling all the time

There's more but these are the main things. Can I pin any of these on neuropathy and remove it from my list of the unknown. I have the obvious neuropathy symptoms, tingling, burning, cramped feet and legs. Pain.

Oh can I panic attack GREATLY increase the burning? I had a massive panic attack (it's when all my "issues" started and I burned so bad I got delusional and thought I was like in Hell and it burned SO bad, I really freaked and just thought I was on fire and made me panic worse. Took about 3 weeks for the burning to entirely dissappear after that panic attack. I'd sleep naked with ice cloths and fans and wet cloths I was so hot constantly. I'd even put an ice pack in my underwear because my privates burned severely.

Sorry for any grammar mistakes, my spell check don't work. Thanks for reading.
Re: Symptoms
Jun 15, 2010
Hi Stacy, chronic fatigue can be caused by B12 defiency & a defiency in B12 can cause nerve damage, the emg can only test for large nerve problems [ motor nerves ], seeing you have the burning the doctor should have sent you for a skin punch biopsy or quanitive sensory testing to test small nerves function, the numbness is also common in neuropathy as it can affect any peripheral nerve/s outside the central nervous system [ brain & spine].

Stress/anxiety can accelerate the burning in neuropathy patients, but once calmed down again the burning remains but to a lessor degree, doesn't go away completly.

Being left for 6 months after testing is very slack, unfortunatly there is a lot of neuro's out there that know very little about neuropathy, only the very basics, it is wise to find a neuro that specializes in neuropathy as only then you will get all the testing needed to try to find the cause of the nerve damage.

Your general practioner should be investergating your other complaints and if they can't work it out, they should be sending you to what ever specialist is needed.

I hope you fnd some answers.
Aussie ;)
Re: Symptoms
Jul 1, 2010
Totally Agree with Aussie go get yourself checked again.

Much of what you have could be caused by anxiety it's true, but even taking that in account you need treatment too.

About your symptoms(aside from what Aussie explained):

numb face, both sides: Not common in Peripheral Neuropathy.
distorted vision in left eye: Not common in PN either, if it's not local(eye), or caused by something like diabetes, or it might be associated with the brain.
blurry vision: Same as above, but it could also be Stress/Anxiety
heart palps: If your heart is OK my bet is on Anxiety.
chest pains (not at same time as heart palps, been to er twice because of palps & pains they say it's stress/anxiety) I agree, unless you have some detected heart issue, which I believe it's not the case.
ear pain, ear popping (heartbeat sound): Popping it's more related to changes in pressure for many reasons, again not PN, could be more anxiety related, not because it is caused by it, but because you're more alert of this than usual.
chronic fatigue: This could be PN but anxiety too, and stress, and all what Aussie mentioned.
arm pain, shoulder to wrist: żBoth Arms?, could be PN but pain it's usually located from elbow to hand(glove presentation), or at least is more common that way.
dizzyness: Not PN, unless you have autonomic nerves involved, but judging for your symptoms it could be anxiety/stress, or because of your ear popping inner ear issues, specially if it's positional.
headrush feeling all the time: Stress/anxiety and fatigue, even as it could be part of PN too.

Even as most of it seems to be anxiety, you should be treated, and most important, checked again from head to toe by a neurologist. I'd put special attention to your distorted vision in one eye.

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