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Ulnar Nerve Surgery
Feb 26, 2001
I am scheduled to have surgery on my ulnar nerve next week and would like to hear from others who have experienced Cubital Tunnel Syndrome and had the surgery - they are doing a submuscular transposition too. I am not really having the symptoms I should be having very frequently - numbness, tingling - but I do experience pain at the elbow very frequently. I went through physical therapy for about 3-4 months last summer and nothing seemed to help. They sent me for nerve conduction studies and found "nerve damage" and scheduled surgery - I would like to know what to expect after surgery - recovery time, etc. Also, could medial epicondylitis be the culprit even though the nerve studies showed slowing? I don't want them to move my nerve and then find out it was the tendons - or will they check both while they are in there? Also, have residual pain in my neck shooting down into my shoulder blade area - nothing has helped here either. Will the surgery help with my shoulder/neck pain? Every time I ask the dr. that - he says he thinks it will. Pain originally started in my (rt.)shoulder and radiated into my elbow and finally wrist and fingers. However, nothing has taken away the shoulder blade pain and it is a constant pain that sometimes makes me want to climb the walls!! The elbow pain is not as persistent. I have also been diagnosed with an unstable ulnar nerve (it moves back and forth over my elbow, creating symptoms inlcuding a "locking" of my elbow) but these only started months after the original shoulder blade/neck pain. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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