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Can you help?
Mar 7, 2001
I started walking on a treadmill about 3 weeks ago hoping to get in shape and maybe lose a few. The first few days weren't bad, however, as I increased my distance and speed I started noticing symptons which I have never experienced. I have a burning feeling in my calf (on and off the tm) and I get so weak feeling and tired I have to stop. My legs feel like jello when I finish and my hands start shaking. I feel very weak and my legs feel like they just can't hold me up another minute. I've noticed also in my walking that towards the end I also start to drag my feet more it seems rather than stepping. Also the past 2 days my lower back has started hurting while walking which is a first....Today, I did not feel too well and decided not to walk and have been sitting most of the day at my computer which I work from and started feeling a buzzing feeling in my butt area. Felt like I was sitting on a vibrator pillow or something. Have never had that feeling before. It was like I could almost even hear the buzzing sound. When I stood up it would go away. I then started feeling like my whole left side of my body was burning with heat. My feet and hands are always cold too and my left foot always has a numb feeling to it....From what I have read this sounds like neuropathy maybe? As far as I know I am not a diabetic. I had a Cat scan done 2 years ago for back pain and it showed I had some disc bulging. Could all this just be from a pinched nerve? Is that different from neuropathy? Thanks for any info you could give me...I was so scared I thought maybe I was having a stroke or something...mostly because of the weakness in my legs and the burning...I booked an appt with my dr for tomorrow but I will be on pins and needles until I talk to him. I also have anxiety, but I don't think it could cause all these symptons.

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