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Itchy face
Mar 15, 2001
Five years ago I developed a terribly itchy rash in my scalp that I was told was seborrheic dermatitis. I could never get it to go away no matter what prescription shampoos or cortico steroids I used. All the meds did was keep the symptoms less severe. Around this time I began to experience strange symptoms on meds (antiviral) that I had never had before. I was having tingling in my hands and feet, a vibrating sensation in one foot, and a strange intermittent heart palpitation. I also had an involuntary twitch in one thumb for a period of time. When I went off of the meds my symtpoms would go away within a few months. Three years after developing the seborrea I became pregnant, and for the first time, the rash went away. Three months postpartem it came back, and a month later I developed a redness that runs down my face and intense itching on my face, in my nose, ears, and on my eyelids. My eyes are bloodshot as well. Again-prescription med are not clearing up this problem. My doctor is now telling me that he thinks the sensations of itching I feel are a neuropathy. I was diagnosed with postpartem thyroiditis as a result of labs that were done when I started itching. Regulating my thyroid has not helped this problem, and I'm wondering if anyone else has ever heard of a similar problem. The itching is pinpoint, and lasts about a minute. It's very intense, and wakes me up at night. My problems don't really fit seborrheic dermatitis or rosacea because my subjective distress is too great. Sorry so long of a message. Any input is appreciated.

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