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Hi there. Sounds like you've been through the regular mill of doctors, except an orthopedic doctor. This is who dx'd my Piriformis syndrome, which after looking at it again (I had thought about it and read about it on the web, but I wasn't sure) I knew he hit the nail on the head.

The 'full' feeling in the rectal area, would this possibly be described as feeling sorta numb? Not actually being about to tell when you need to go or even have the muscles functioning? The pain down the back of the leg would probably be the sciatic nerve, which for many people pass through the piriformis muscle. When the muscle gets irritated it spasms and then irritates the sciatic nerve. The nerves of the sacral plexus comes off the sacrum at different levels, and each nerve travels through or next to the muscles of the pelvis and buttocks. Let's say you got a bit silly and tried to pick something up that was really heavy 7 months ago. You got a bit of a sore back, and shortly it got better, but then you had this new problem. It takes a bit of time, only a few weeks, for the body to start trying to avoid pain automatically, and so it starts to shift at the pelvis when you hurt your back. This can then set up a cascade of muscle dysfunction. Even the hips get involved in this. Anyway, the nerve that is being irritated could be compressed or stretched, and this is why you're getting shifting symptoms, because of this action. It can work on particular areas, in varying degrees.

How is your tailbone at this time? Any soreness? Check it carefully, there are little bumps on the bone that are partial attachments for tendons, and there are nerves attached to these tendons and muscles. I found one little bump that when pressed, sent a shot of nerve pain across my butt. I discovered at this time that those little bumps were supposed to be on the sides of the tailbone, not the top of it. So my tailbone was rotated, as was the sacrum. When I worked the one side of the buttock muscles to make these bumps disappear, I started to get the feeling back in the 'saddle' again, and more muscle control.
Get back to me and let me know what correlates with what I'm saying.

[QUOTE=klikar;3040117]hello, i have been reading up about pudendal nerve entrapment/si joint dysfunction, and i'm concerned that i may be suffering with the problem. i am living and working on an indian reservation, and access to health care is rather challenging. my symptoms began about 6-7months ago, and they started as pain/burning on the left side of my vulva and pubic bone. i went to see the doctor(s), and they ruled out infection, endometriosis (ultrasound of the uterus and ovaries), bone fracture (xray and bone scan), cysts/tumors (CT scan), and endocrine issues (estridiol, progesterone, fsh). i have been told over and over that nothing is wrong with me, but i still have the discomfort... and it's not always localized to the left labia. it is occasionally in the rectum too (where i feel a full sensation), and i have recently been getting pain in my left butt and down my left leg to the posterior lateral aspect of my knee. i have been to a chiropractor and have had PT, but i'm not convinced that i've found providers who are familiar with this sort of problem. none of the doctors i have seen have asked for a follow up visit, nor have they referred me on to anyone else. i guess i'm wondering if my symptoms are consistent with an si joint problem, piriformus syndrom, or with pudendal nerve entrapment, and if so, where would you recommend i go to get help... what sort of speicalist would be appropriate (i have seen obgyns)? and if there are any specific names you could give me, i'd probably be willing to travel somewhere with better resources. thank you very much![/QUOTE]

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