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Need help please
Mar 6, 2003
Thankyou for this message board. I am new to this so please bear with me. Can anybody give me their opinions and or advice. I was in a accident 4 months ago. At the time of the accident I had minor neck pain, pain in the funny bone area of the elbow of the right arm and # 2,4 and 5 fingers and palm area down to the wrist were numb and tingling. In the emergency room they took Xrays which they said just showed a neck strain and said if pain didnt go away in 3 days see your doctor. After 3 days pain worsened so I went to the doctor. After his exam he ordered a MRI. The MRI showed there was "a small central anterior and posterior disc protrusion (subligamentous herniation), along with mild bony hypertrophy at C5-6. The bony and disc changes are causing mild central thecal sac compression at C5-6." The doctor said that would cause the problem in my 2nd finger but the problem in fingers 4-5 are in a different area of the neck and nothing showed up in the MRI for that. After 4 months now the problem has gotten worse and spread to the other hand now. Every morning the 4th-5th fingers and palm area down to wrist are completely numb in both hands now. It will subside alittle but now completely go away. My 2nd finger on the right hand is numb and tingles and is cold like ice most of the time and has now spread to the whole hand being like ice and will at times the whole hand will turn purple in color. And fingers 2-4 and 5 in both hands now are numb and tingle most of the time. After all this time the doctor says and is treating me for "cervical strain" with flexeril and I think it is called EMS and ice packs in the neck area. I want to believe the doctor but my symptoms have not improved but have gotten worse and spread after 4 months. Can ANYBODY help me? Does anybody have the same problem? Does anybody know WHAT COULD BE WRONG? Can anybody tell me what I should do? Thank you all for any and all information and help you can give me.

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