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My Type 2 diabetes was diagnosed 3 years ago, but the extent of the nerve damage suggests that it was undiagnosed for a long time.

I suffer more or less constant neuropathic pain in both feet and lower legs, varying from very to slightly painful. Though unpleasant, this is not disabling and I am reconciled to living with it.

What is very difficult to live with is the disabling problem, which I have had for the last year or so, with the 3 central fingers of both hands. There is some swelling and stiffness (particularly on waking up and whenever the hands have not been used for some time), but by far the worst part is the “locking” of both middle fingers – fortunately not at the same time. The right hand, which was the first to be badly affected, is now much better, but the left hand is terrible. I have very severe pain, extending into the palm, when using the right hand to try to straighten out the locked middle finger of the left hand. This makes the hand almost unusable and severely limits what I can do.

I am male; aged 67 and am retired.

My current medication (apart from Metformin 500mg x 3 for diabetes) is Neurontin 300 mg x 3 and Voltarol (Diclofenac) 50mg x 1.

I would be very grateful to hear from anybody with similar hand problems and of course with details of his or her medication and/or other treatment.
I have the same problems with my hands i was diagnosed with neuropathy in september and the only me the dr put me on is nortriptiline 10 mg at bedtime never have had a ncs so i will addreess this with dr on march 7th also have lots of pain in the heel of both hands the pinkies and for fingers actually watched the nerve tremor last night on the rt hand it was a weird feeling hang n there .........

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