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Hi Ladies. I have been keeping up with your questions and answers for the last two months as I too have this crazy all-over-body itching/tingling symptom. I have every test known to God and man and everything comes out normal. I don't have FM but I am 47 am in the throes of perimenopause. After three gynocologists I finally found one who has a special interest in menopause and while she had not heard of this crazy itching/tingling she was at least willing to give me something for the hot flashes. By the time I had gotten to her, I had tried everything (antihistamines OTC and prescription, decongestants, creams, salves, antidepressants galore, changing soaps, shampoos, etc.) NOTHING helped and I was getting dangerously desperate. She told me that sometimes Effexor XR helped with hot flashes - she didn't think it would help with the tingling/itching but at least I would get relief for that. Effexor is an antidepressent and is used for Generalized Anxiety Disorder and I guess someone also noticed that it helps with hot flashes - I didn't care that I had already tried antidepressants, I was willing to give anything a shot. I had been studying my symptoms for so long that I was absolutely convinced that it was related to my hormones that I even exaggerated the hot flashes nuisance factor a little bit in a desperate attempt to be given something that might help me. By the way, my hot flashes last for hours, I don't sweat, I just get hot and even run a slight temperature so I didn't realize at first I was having them - I just thought I was getting more intolerant of heat as I got older. I have been on the Effexor XR (75 mg) for 2 and 1/2 weeks and I am 90% sure that I have found the solution at least for me. I can't promise it will help everyone, but I think it might help some. I also do other things to help keep my internally generated temperature down as well (loose cotton clothes, sheets and blankets, drinking lots of water with ice in it all day, no caffeine, if I start feeling hot I also start getting anxious which is what really gets the tingling/itching going so I try to settle myself down mentally/emotionally, and I have accepted that my air conditioning bill will just have to be high during the summer months - keep the house cool and dry). These thing have helped but the Effexor I know is what is really making the big difference. The doctor told me that it would take 6-8 weeks for the med to kick in, but honestly I am certain that I started feeling the good effects (fewer hot flashes, less anxiety and fewer tingles) 8 days into treatment. I also stopped using al the creams and oils since they were just locking in the internal heat. I am almost completely itch free even though I live in Houston and the heat and humidity are still unbearable. I hope some of you can try this and see if it helps you too; maybe we will hit on something and be able to help more women with this frighteningly maddening symptom. Please let us all know if you get any relief but don't give up until you have given it a chance. Also, all summer I have had to take Ambien to sleep since my itching kept me up adding to the desperation and anxiety. I am still taking it but this weekend I am going to try to sleep without it since I'm not even getting the itches when I settle down for the night. I have been thanking God every day for the last week for the privilege of feeling normal again, I pray someone else may benefit. Let me know!

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