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I've had elevated ESR and CRP for months now. But then I also have Crohn's disease - which is "supposedly" in remission, except that you can have active inflammation goin on with no noticeable symptoms.

4 years ago I was put on Flagyl for the Crohn's and I did have some PN or at least parathesia which began after starting the Flagyl (metronidazole). It increased when I went to full dose of Flagyl - up my legs almost to my knees and up my hands, wrists & forearm almost to the elbow. When I backed down to 1/2 dose of Flagyl the N/parasthesia stayed just in my feet, right foot especially. Since the Flagyl was a "miracle drug" for the Crohn's, stopping the discomfort and symptoms virtualy overnite, I opted to stay on 1/2 dose Flagyl as the PN/parathesia was at a level I was willing to live for the rest of my life, if necessary, in exchange for the wonderful Crohn's relief.

I've had very mild parathesia on and off since discontinuing the Flagyl and still feel it was a more than fair and acceptable trade off. Its been 4 years.

The Crohn's inflammation began again 10 months ago but the symptoms were just enough different that we were investigating other possible sources for the symptoms.

Anyway, the PN/parathesia (I have trouble understanding which is which or what the difference is) increased recently. Still just the right foot though. But it can progress from a burning in the heel to some REAL tingling and burning in the heel AND at the tip of the big toe. Sometimes it is gone completely, other times it is mild enough and it is intermittent.

Which means I'm a whole lot luckier than those of you posting here!! And for which I am very grateful. I hope you don't mind my joining you and posting here. I'm just curious.

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