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I have considered so many possibilities for my arm and leg numbness, but I still have no answers. Please help.

In June 2002, I started having lower left back pain and left leg numbness/weakness. Leg EMG was normal. Lumbar MRI showed no stenosis (2 hemangiomas-L1, L4---but orthopedic surgeon said this cannot be causing my symptoms). Pelvic CT showed no hemangiomas or occlusions. December 2002, the numbness/weakness spread to include my right leg. Full-body bone scan showed nothing abnormal. March 2003, numbness/weakness spread to include both hands and forearms. Brain and cervical MRI showed nothing abnormal. Neurologist said I don't have MS, and he doesn't know what I have, but there is nerve involvement.
The arm and leg numbness is not positional (I have it walking, jogging, sleeping, etc), affects my sleep, has affected my coordination just enough that I don't trust myself playing sports anymore, and has no known triggers (occurs about 20 hours of the day). What is it and will it go away?
I also have been having a "full" feeling in my head, with bad headaches and neck muscle pain for the past 3 weeks (since May 2003), not due to physical exersion. Ibuprofin and a muscle relaxant don't help. I told the internal med Dr about my neurologic symptoms, and her friend is going through the same situation at Hopkins. I have a feeling that many people are feeling the same symptoms, but the neurologists shrug us off as individual cases, when there might be a new disease out there.
The Drs don't feel an LP would help, since there is no treatment for neurologic viruses (ie arboviruses) anyway.
What should I do? Who should I see? What do I have? Can I stop it?
Thank you.

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