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have been battling some very wierd symptoms after an 'alleged virus'. It started with a low-grade temperature, overall weakness. I spent a few days in bed and ran a number of tests - mono, bloods, HIV, upper body cat-scan, ultra-sound of kidneys/liver/gall bladder, endoscopy all came back negative. While in bed, my white blood cells were borderline, but mostly due to dehydration - I was told. While in bed, I started feeling a horrible mid-section and lower back pains and stiffness. Two months prior to this episode, I had severe migranes and even did a spinal tap test - again negative. Now I am experiencing muscle tingling and burning (constantly) in the left side of my body, muscle weakness, slight confusion, and lower back and mid back pain. Weakness in arms and legs. But the tingling and burning in the left back, and front left chest is freaky. Any ideas? I hope it is not ALS or MS. I am also very stressed - going through a divorce and consulting 'blues'. What could this be?

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