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I have problems with both my arms and hands. I have burning/stinging pain in the top of the forearm and back of the hand (mostly between index and thumb). EMG came back as mild carpal tunnel but DR says this would not cause the problems I have described.

I have had physical therapy and tried to strengthen my arms. After 9months, I have gotten stronger but one hand still has the burning pain everyday.

There are small indentions along the bone in the back of the hand and wrist, in the same place where it burns.

When I use the hand/arm very much I will get muscle twitching. Sometimes, the twitching will wake me up at night.

I have been tested for diabeties, thryoid, arthitis, and other standard tests (MRI, X-Ray)which have all been normal (other than small bengin tumor on vertabre in the neck, which they said would not be a cause for concern).

If anyone has had similiar symptoms, I would be interested your experiences. Currently, I have given up my hobbies, had to change jobs, reduced my physical activity (no bike riding, etc). With all my scarifices of my hobbies and activities, I still have pain everyday.

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